This Website

This whole website is an experiment and a demo! Building a website out of a simple directory structure of PHP, plain HTML, and some CSS/Javascript is old hat. All the cool developers write a whole webserver to deliver very simple data.

Okay, not really. It does serve as a nice staging ground and "reference" for myself, and lets me showcase its source code on Git. Curious what's in the mix?

Tornado webserver

Tornado is a Python-based webserver with some small framework elements built-in. It serves the website at entirely. Who needs Apache?

Tornado is special in that it is designed to take advantage of Python threading. It uses this to have a persistent run environment in which one request doesn't have to wait on the others to complete. This design choice enables the use of Websockets, as demonstrated in the chatroom demo.

Twitter Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap brings some sanity to quickly and easily designing robust web interfaces that are not only easy to navigate and use, but are also responsive (they adapt to whatever the viewer's screen is).

More coming Soon™.